IPVanish Review: Should You Give It a Try?

IPVanish is known as one of the best Virtual Private Networks. But is it a top-5 VPN? Our team put it through a series of tests to see whether it is worth the praise or not. Join us in this IPVanish review to see what it’s capable of.

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What makes IPVanish stand out?

IPVanish meets all the industry standards, but it also offers some unique features
and has benefits only a few providers can boast.

1,100+ Self-Owned

One of the best things about IPVanish: they own every single one of the 1.1K servers. For the users, that means higher speeds and more stable connections. Plus, this ensures that no third parties will ever be able to monitor your online activity.

Web Proxy

The SOCKS5 Web Proxy is another reason to put it on your list of must-have VPNs. This proxy offers incredibly high speeds while masking your IP address, which makes it a great choice for P2P filesharing. This additional service comes for free with every IPVanish plan.

10 Simultaneous

While most services provide protection for up to 5 devices max, IPVanish covers 10 connections. And, as you’ll learn later in this review, that won’t cost you much. If you have a big family or own multiple devices, this is another reason to buy a subscription plan.

Compatible with
All Popular Devices

It doesn’t matter which platform you prefer: Win, Mac, Android, or iOS – this VPN works on all of them. Linux, Chromebook, Windows Phone, smart TVs, Amazon’s Firestick, and even routers are also fully supported. That 10-device plan will allow you to protect all of them.y flat chinwag bog skive.

Is IPVanish any good?

A decent modern-day VPN should be equally fast, reliable, secure, and user-friendly, feature a stylish interface
and offer competitive price-tags to attract the clients. Is IPVanish the one?

IPVanish Encryption

VPN Connection Safety and Security

When it comes to security, IPVanish is a top-3 VPN. It features 256-bit AES encryption and all the best protocols (including OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP/IPsec). With this combination, you can rest assured that your protection will be unbreakable. IPVanish also has DNS Leaks Protection, and Kill Switch (automatically shuts down the network the second the VPN goes off).

Auto-Reconnect is another handy feature. Fact: while IKEv2 is the most advanced protocol, OpenVPN is the most user-friendly and popular one. Feel free to switch between all three available protocols to see which one suits you best.

IPVanish Anonymity

Can You Stay Anonymous With IPVanish?

The company’s headquarters are located in the United States, which is known for its strict online privacy laws. Basically, they demand the ISPs and VPN providers to share the personal data of their users. However, IPVanish follows a zero-logs policy, which means they won’t have anything to give to the government agencies in the first place.

For a person that puts privacy first, this might not be the best VPN on the market. For the rest of us, the no-logs policy is more than enough to know that our privacy is well-protected.

IPVanish Performance

IPVanish Performance

As one of the fastest services out there, IPVanish will be a fantastic pick for people that tend to download torrents on a daily basis. The aforementioned SOCKS5 Web Proxy is a God-sent for torrenting and streaming. Unfortunately, when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted content, it doesn’t always work. You can still get to watch Netflix with this VPN, but don’t expect to get stable access.

During our tests, IPVanish proved to be impressively fast: it can absolutely compete with the leaders. We can also confirm that while torrenting is smooth, streaming platforms can be somewhat challenging to outsmart.

IPVanish Ease of Use

Ease Of Use

The user interface on every single platform is a masterpiece. While ExpressVPN is famous for its features and options, IPVanish is all about making sure the users have fun with it. The interface looks great; the mobile apps are speedy and easy to use.

And what about customer service, you might ask? It is fast and helpful, that’s for sure. You won’t have to wait for days (or even hours) to get a proper response. The bad news is – there’s no live chat, even though it is the fastest form of communication favored by most users.

IPVanish Pricing

IPVanish Pricing

Let us take a closer look at the available plans and prices:

  • 1-month plan – $10.00
  • 12-months plan – $77.88 (charged $6.49 monthly), save 46%
  • 24-months plan – $98.88 ($4.12 monthly), save 66%

Pricing is rather affordable, and the 2-year plan is undoubtedly a great deal. Though, to go long-term, you’d probably want to test the service out first. IPVanish does offer a MBG, but it only lasts for 7 days. And, there’s no free trial.

Things IPVanish should work upon

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Unblocking Netflix

Netflix and other streaming services are incredibly popular these days. And the fact that this VPN can’t help the users get stable access Neflix makes it a less attractive option. Several other services can successfully do that, including ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

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7-day MBG

The 7-day MBG is another thing that is forcing this VPN to lag behind the leaders. A 30-day MBG is a must in 2019. Plus, most providers offer a 3-day/7-day free trial which allows users to test the product without even sharing their credit card information.

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Lack of Live Chat

A live chat, in turn, is a handy feature that gives the clients quick and simple solutions. True, not every single VPN provider has a built-in live chat on the official website. Still, we would very much love to see IPVanish introduce one in the nearest future.

IPVanish Value for Money

Great Value for Money

Finally, the affordable price-tags might be the most significant selling point of IPVanish. They’ve got a very smart marketing plan and regularly offer all kinds of discounts on long-term subscriptions. Plus, with it, you can protect up to 10 devices, which is becoming more of a regular thing these days, due to people having multiple devices. Overall, IPVanish offers excellent value for money.

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