What is VPN
What is a VPN?

Although the VPN technology is pretty sophisticated, for us, the users, it is very easy to use. To put it simply, a VPN turns you into a digital ghost by rerouting your traffic through a server and giving you a fake IP. This helps the regular user to “fool” the ISPs, the hackers, and the […]

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Why setup VPN on Router
Why to set up a VPN on router?

It’s important to stress out at the very beginning, that most modern-day VPNs support all major platforms. The list includes Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and even streaming devices and gaming platforms (PS4 or Xbox One). They offer protection for up to 5 simultaneous connections (or even 10, as IPVanish does). So, what’s the reason […]

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What is VPN protocol
VPN Protocols: Users’s Guide

Let’s put it simply, a VPN protocol is a set of direct commands that a Virtual Private Network follows in securing the data of a user. These days, there are quite a few available protocols, and they each come with their pros and cons. In this post, we’ll talk about the best ones and tell […]

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